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Outdoor AD & Digital Printing Industry Trends

Digital Signage is an Uptrend Market

Starting in February 2015 the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs announced that outdoor advertising policy will be deregulated.

Technology Collaboration Kiosk


  • Coex Information Kiosk
  • Coex Mall, Seoul, installed an interactive signage, replacing printed mall directory and shopping information with touch screens. Also, the mall uses NFC function to provide directions to find a shop location.


  • BEANPOLE, a South Korean fashion brand, uses RFID hangers, which display item’s price and information on the screen above when a customer lifts up the item.
  • In addition to RFID hangers, BEANPOLE installed Digital Mirrors, which allow customers to have a rear view of themselves and check how clothes fit on them.

Phone Charging System

  • G-market’ promotional AD is located at the bus station in Gangnam Station, Seoul.
  • Advertisement is installed on the glass wall and phone charging system is attached on the wall to attract more consumer to take a look at the advertisement.
Media Facade

As Media facades gain more popularity as an effective advertising medium, LED and mapping related tools and technologies have also seen growth.

Digital Media Tunnel

At Samsung Subway Station in Seoul, LG Electronics installed “Digital Media Tunnel”, made out of LED with IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. The entire display is 27 meters of 126 signs that are 55 inches.

Wrapping Advertisement

Policies of deregulation mean that wrapping advertisements will be more popular than before. Both large and small events will be held towards the end of the year and the wrapping advertisement is expected to see growth.

Building Wrapping
Building Wrapping
Bus Wrapping
Bus Wrapping


Billboards and digital billboards.